Jonathan Lamer as Ralph

Photo by Rory Dale

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Original music composed for the play Frozen by Bryony Lavery, produced at The Circuit Playhouse in Memphis, TN, June 9 - July 9, 2006.

About this composition

This piece of music was used to underscore one of the final scenes in which serial killer Ralph, while in his jail cell, prepares to commit suicide. The music was sequenced in Garageband using the Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack.

Beautiful Haunting

Synopsis of Frozen

A ten year old girl’s disappearance serves as the catalyst for a riveting, and at times, unnerving exploration into the icy sea of the criminal mind. At the outset, a clinical psychologist, a grief-stricken mother, and a hypnotic serial killer exist in individual prisons void of emotion. But all three embark together on a dynamic and haunting journey toward a chilling resolution and personal redemption. This compelling study of culpability and forgiveness was nominated for four 2004 Tony Awards including Best Play.